Static Pages

What is a static page? You are viewing one right now! They are page content that can be edited via the back-end area, when selecting the menu item called Pages.

All Static Pages provided by the RainLab.Pages plugin can be translated by default.

Once you have selected the page you want to edit, click the language picker next to the field you want to translate. It couldn't get any simpler than this!

Here's a tip, if you hold down the CTRL/META key when selecting a language, it will change the setting for all fields on the screen.

When editing this page you should notice a second tab called Extra content, that's where this content is sourced from. It can be translated just like any other content!​

How to use this theme

Every part of this theme can be translated to another language. Even this content you are reading now!

The drop-down in the main menu is called a Locale Picker. It lets you quickly switch between any of the available languages when browsing this website.

For help on setting up more languages, close this popup and click the Languages menu item.